About Us

What is Trades4Trade

We are an online barter exchange used to meet the people & businesses near you looking to skill swap, trade skills, items, services, and facilities. We are surrounded by a huge variety of skilled people every day with no easy way to get to know them. Stop living Paycheque to Paycheque! Our exclusive barter network can host all of your needs! If we don’t, just tell us and we will add it – that easy!

Why use Trades4Trade

Our exclusive local barter network connects you with local and like-minded people looking to barter within the community. Using Trades4Trade helps create symbiotic communities which lead to meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Save cash for the things you want, not the things you need. Create a free account today.

For Business Owners

Trades4Trade is a great place to barter, network and market your business. No more unused business hours, un-filled spaces or overstocked warehouses. Connect directly to our network and start getting what you really want. Our rating system will ensure that the top performing businesses and workers are featured first in their perspective fields.


See How It Works

Save Money

Save cash for the things you want NOT the things you need. Trades4Trade helps to bring your dreams closer to reality.

Grow your Business

Trades4Trade is a great way to promote, build and maintain your business. Showcase your skills and build your rating.


Meet local people who share your values, We believe in respect and a strong work ethic; you should too.


Let our network become yours. Trades4Trade is a great way to build your business network!

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