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Barter is Back! Trade your Skills to Save on Bills!

Janet traded Dog Walking for Private Tutor with Donna in Chilliwack, BC

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Trade your skills with local people

You’ve worked hard for your skills, it’s time to let them work for you! Trades4trade allows you to get the most out of your earned skills by connecting you with people willing to trade their services for your skills.

Meet local people willing to trade

Sign up free to Trades4Trade to start meeting local people who want to trade skills and services with you. Help grow your local community and watch it flourish. You can build your town both literally and in spirit.

Sign up free to start saving cash

Stop using cash to pay for skills and services. Trade your skills to start spending that cash on the things you want such as family, vacations and adventures instead of the things you need like renovations, repairs and pedicures!

Still not convinced of a Trades4Trade?

Find out more...
1) You Gain Access to Our Exclusive Network Which Host Over 300+ Skills and Services

Trades4Trades has a huge network of people willing to trade skills and services

2)  Signing Up Free Allows you to Create, Rate and Communicate with others on Trades4Trade

Create a profile, rate and comment on other users to maintain integrity.

3) Meet Local People Who Share Your Values, People Who Want to Trade with You!

You never know you might just make a friend.

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